Juicici Clothing Reviews: Is This A Trustworthy Clothing Store?

Do you like to purchase styles, accessories, dresses, and further items from the juicici clothing store? If thus, then do read the juicici clothing reviews. Certainly, purchasing items from any new online site takes a lot of courage. Here, you are risking your hard-earned money. So far, the good action is to study buyer ratings and opinions. Thus, what is this all about? Now, we recommend you study the juicici clothing opinion.

Juicici Clothing Reviews

It is the new clothing store with all for its buyers, from Asian-fashion tops to Asian bases and further. Thus if someone of you would similar to have several K-pop tops or bottoms, this is the brand you can believe in. Is it correct? Furthermore, this site has a refund and shipping policy and contact info. It is the best thing to earn a customer’s trust.

Certainly, online shopping has become a need. Thus you should rely on anything further than any casual word for online shopping. Many things, like the customers’ opinions, policies, and ratings, play an essential role. Famous websites like eBay, Amazon, and others contain superb return and shipping policies. Furthermore, they show the customer greater buyer care services.

In juicici clothing reviews, we learn all parts of this brand. We will analyze whether the tag and its site are secure. We will verify the exchange and refund policies. Do they offer any discounts to their consumers? Are the clients glad about the work?

About Juicici Clothing:

Juiccit style is a site for young girls, a passionate, active, and affirmative group. While 2022, they have been serving several self-regulating women. The good thing about this book is that it focuses on sustainability.

The juicici clothing store has developed into the talk of the city. Thus this online shop that trades articles like Asian-fashion dresses, K-pop styles, and much more has an exacting part for accessories and ballet core. It is a caring item to date. If you verify the site sample, it looks practiced and has a safe URL.

Furthermore, customers seem skilled when looking at the pictures, with major points in every article. The client will know its sizes, stuff, usage, wash, and further by reading the thing description. Consider, it is the objective place where you can touch things.

Furthermore, this site has segments for return policies, refunds, and exchanges. The website’s contact info is also recognized here, and you can obtain it via email. This online website also presents diverse payment choices for buyers.

This online has a limitless variety of clothing. They consist of different fashions, designs, and sizes. So, let us seem at more data as well.


  • Email[email protected]
  • Discount: Yes they provide a 30 to 70% discount on ladies’ day.
  • U.S.-Based Brand: No data was found for this.
  • Shipping Policy: Offer free shipping on orders over $59.
  • Return Policy: They provide a 14-day return policy. This method you have up to 14 days after obtain your item to appeal a return.
  • Payment Modes: VISA, Master Card, Amex, JCB, and More.


  • Different Range of Asian-fashion dresses.
  • Selling very well.


  • There are no superb reviews from the customers.

Customer Reviews:

Buyer opinion is a must for any online name. Thus on their official website, we are motionless looking for an opinion. However, there are reviews on the podium, such as Trust Pilot.

The Reviews On Trust Pilot:

This store has received 53 percent best reviews and 42 percent of terrible opinions from buyers. Let us have a seem at the good reviews.

I loved their clothes; sizing was correct, no problems.

I loved their clothes! I’m a huge fan of the y2k and pop fashions thus I couldn’t ignore this website. I got like cute sweaters from them recently. however, I loved the patchwork tops and fun attractive jeans I acquire in summer too. The sizing was correct; I wear S and occasionally XS for a tight fit. The average delivery period was one week to Romania, which is suitable. I never had to deal with buyer service or something such that since I didn’t have any problems.

I loved all I got from now!

Even while I loved all I got from now, the sizing is very correct, and I’d encourage others to purchase from now! The clothes were thus flattering and best class.

Now are some very bad reviews from the customers, “Avoid if you can.

I wouldn’t suggest shopping now; they took 12 days to ship away my order even. While I’d been rewarded for express shipping, and I had to make out to them first as I’d so far to obtain a word from them. I want to contact them to make sure my organize has been shipped out.

Reviews On Facebook

Abbie Merker doesn’t suggest Juicici.

I bought something from Juicici and did not similar to the class. Yet though their website said they will present return tags for shipping within 15 days of receiving your package. They reject to provide me with a refund tag and told me to ship the thing back for myself for $40. The item is only $30. When I told them this wasn’t suitable, they told me to “offer the thing to someone who it does well like that would solve the problem. When I says I desired a refund and I was not now going to give my thing to someone else (?), they accessible me $5 for clothes I paid $32 for and shipping/taxes. Purchase from anywhere else. It’s a scam.

Final Words:

Are you trying to locate the best place for Asian clothing? We recognize it can be difficult with all the options accessible today. The research is serious, and we advise you to take a moment to seem at Juicici clothing before making your last call! We will recognize more once we hear from several clients. Thus, please stay a close eye on this website.

Thus is this brand legit? Yes, it is legit, however, customers are not happy with their buyer care service or the value of the things. Thus do we suggest this place to you? No, we don’t at all. Furthermore, other than the contact info is required in case of returns.

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