Curiosity Stream Tv Scam: Is This Legit Or Another Scam?

Do you love watching documentaries? Are you a science and character lover? Then, there is a vast selection of options available online. But, they have yet to specify content like curiosity stream tv offers its clients. They claim to give you the best content.

Curiosity Stream Tv Scam

Curiosity stream tv has different shows that are not similar to others. You can find well-researched and technically proven documentaries here. It can be the best mode to grow your children’s minds. But, is it legit? Most people have complained as regards their services. We get you to curiosity stream tv reviews to determine their legality.

You need to go through the following steps. We’ll conclude by enumerating all the pros and cons of it.

About Curiosity Stream Tv Scam:

Curiosity stream tv is a special show that airs documentaries on topics like history, science, psychology, and the likely world. Such information wants to be regularly updated in further applications. It generally takes a lot of work to get something online. But curiosity stream tv exclusively updates every piece of information. It also provides you with real information.

Curiosity Stream TV was launched in 2015 by the holder of the Discover Channel. It has a higher part of documentaries available. They still do not show the annoying ads that usually upset the users. Thus, it is a superb way to learn and keep yourself updated as regards the latest information.

How to use curiosity stream tv?

The curiosity stream tv is simple to use. You want to go through the following steps.

  1. First, stay on the web page with an approved internet service.
  2. Then click “Sign Up” to select a subscription plan.
  3. You can moreover choose “Sign in” and select an accepted Internet provider.
  4. It will give you a kind subscription.
  5. Then, enter your information besides a password to generate an account.
  6. Now, you have an entrance to it and can use it every time you like.

Curiosity stream tv subscription plans:

Curiosity stream tv offers different subscription procedures from which you can decide. You can choose from the following reasonable packages.

  • Standard Monthly ($2.99 per month)
  • Premium 4K Monthly ($9.99 per month)
  • Standard HD yearly ($19.99 annually)
  • Premium 4K yearly ($69.99 annually)

You can choose any package from greater than. They will take the payments from your card also monthly or annually.

Is Curiosity Stream TV better than Netflix?

These applications are mostly not competitors. There is no judgment between them. Netflix offers you modern people’s biographies along with social and supporting commentaries. It is filled with TV content documentaries.

Curiosity stream TV, on the further hand, provides you with science and character to help you learn. Hence, these both cover each other’s gaps exclusive of any race.

Length Of Documentaries:

All documentary is in the form of a season with more episodes. Their long documentaries are as regards an hour long. Also, the shorter ones usually take 15 to 20 minutes.

Gift Cards:

You can furthermore choose a gift card. It will be delivered everywhere you like. But, the charges are more than a standard plan. You also want to agree with the gift card’s situation before using it.


  • They cover various topics for documentaries.
  • You can select any plan.
  • You can simply sign up.


  • There is no return policy.
  • They have really poor buyer service.
  • Their content is generally small.
  • The content development is slow.

Customer Reviews:

We looked on a further website to get some good reviews about it. Trustpilot shows a poor rating of 2.0. Mainly the users have given it a single star. One buyer says, “Uninteresting, boring documentaries with awful value for a very high charge. I immediately asked for a refund, however, there have been no answers to my emails yet.”

Another user claims that he subscribed. But immediately canceled as the content wasn’t worth it. But, the payment was deducted from his account again after a year.

Final Words:

We take our readers with curiosity stream tv scams to show how the users endure them. They claim to give real and good information. However, the content has not valued the money. They have high prices. Mainly people are facing poor buyer service. They do not even refund the users’ money. People are charged again even after the deletion of their subscriptions. So, we suggest you not go for curiosity stream tv.

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